In this session, we will present  NFC software & middleware in the mobile phone application.

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 91

We shall update the latest NFC product roadmap, market, customers, and service update. We shall update the distributor support program to include process, template, result, and method. 

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 62

In this session, we will present  NFC hardware & RF in the mobile phone applications.

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 90

Insights and instructions:

NTAG 5 boost impedance matching design and antenna selection

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 48

NFC architecture line ups versus use cases

NFC infrastructure and NFC-portable devices requirements

  • Android phone and iOS based phone authentication to NFC kiosks

Best NXP offer for mass market and EMVCo POS

  • Role of Mobile knowledge

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 68

Antenna design techniques and best practices:

  •  NFC Antenna Design Hub
  •  NFC Cockpit used for optimization

Design Resources:

  • TIC project folder and mission
  • NFC Reader library
  • Integration support

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 55

Get an overview of our NFC product portfolio and extensive Product Support Package and learn how to choose the right NFC solution for your application.

  • NFC connected tag solutions
  • NFC frontend solutions
  • NFC controller solutions
  • Product Support Package
  • NFC product portfolio comparison 
  • Product Selection

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 47

Discover the diversity of NFC use cases! NFC adds new possibilities and is expanding the applications and markets where contactless technology is used. 

  • NFC Technology
  • NFC Everywhere
  • NFC Use Cases
  • NXP Support for NFC Solutions

DWM Points: 75
Duration: 30

NTAG 5 is the latest NFC connected tag solution from NXP. Learn about key target markets, our extensive product support package and how you can best use NTAG 5 in medical applications. We will demonstate live how to use the NTAG 5 demo (via Android or iOS) and how to get started with the development kit in combination with LPC55S69 and NTAG 5 cockpit. 

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 83