August 3rd, 2021:

Session 1:

CAS2 organization (Christophe Lombardo)

SN220 value proposal (Maxime Grée)

August 5th, 2021:

Session 2: System architecture + Guideline to design-in SN220; (Maxime Grée)

August 6th, 2021:

Session 3: Boards + tools description; (Maxime Grée)

September 8th, 2021:

Session 4: 

RF Change + RF performance from SN1x0 to SN220; (Maxime Grée)

Reader mode specific features; (Maxime Grée)

Card mode specific features; (Soundous Chairat / David Vieillard)

September 10th, 2021:

Session 5: 

eSE and Applet – Review difference between SN110 and SN220;

DWM Points: 600
Duration: 510