• Introduction, scope, target customers and support
          Roadmaps, engagement
          BMS roadmap and products details
          Documentation overview

  • Hardware presentation
          System overview, key selling points at system level, fighting guide at product level
          BMU detailed presentation
          CMU detailed presentation
          BJB detailed presentation
          HW integration and interconnection - TPL and CAN architectures
          Key products to highlight

  • Software presentation
          Startup application installation, example code
          RTD and CDD installation and future installation procedure with SDK
          Different configuration tools (Tresos and Design Studio)
          Safety library details
          MBDT presentation
          Future developments glimpse

          Saferty context
          Basic safety concept at BMS level
          Integration of AFE IC concept and documentation into a system level
          System safety analysis
          Available safety documentation
          Safety manual and system safety mechanisms
          Show how to adapt things to customer cases – Hands-on

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 394