PART 1 :  Matter presentation

Matter general introduction

Matter spec overview & certification

Matter NXP Marketing Strategy,   Platforms & solutions presentation


PART 2:  Matter architecture & networks

Thread network  basics

WIFI network basics

Security Accross provisioning

Matter SDK / github repo, OpenThread github  introduction

Sofware Architecture   MCU , MPU,   Standalone,  Hosted


PART 3 :    Matter experience LABS

Lab Thread border router and Matter controler

Lab building and running MW320 light and switch example

Lab building and running K32W0 ligth and switch example

Lab Create new Matter Custom device type

Lab  Matter OTA scenario (optional)


PART 4:  Wrap-up

Matter OTA demonstration

MCU hosted ( i.MRT106x + K32W0 + IW416) presentation

Supporting Customer 


DWM Points: 400
Duration: 244