The domain controller based on UDSonIP (UDS server) exchanges information with GUI/GW through DoIP (ISO13400-2). The domain controller updates the firmware of the target ECU based on UDSonCAN (UDS client) via CAN (ISo15765-2)/LIN (ISO17987-2) TP.

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 42

High-speed interfaces are increasingly being used in variety of applications thought adoption of USB 3.x and USB4, PCIe Gen 4, SATA/SAS interfaces. At higher speeds, signal integrity becomes important and hence signal conditioning solutions also become an important part of the system design. This webinar will talk about high speed interface solutions from NXP, including signal conditioners (redrivers) and signal switches.

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 51

SI & P product update

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 76