OpenIL is an open-source software distribution for the industrial and automation market. OpenIL provides industrial-grade real-time, security, and network determinism. OpenIL is an ideal Linux distribution for PLC, HMI, industrial control, and robotics. In this session, an overview of OpenIL is conducted including Xenomai, bare metal solution, TEE, TSN, Industrial network with OPCUA and EtherCAT, and how they run on Layerscape and i.MX processors.

DWM Points: 200
Duration: 136

In this session we give an introduction to the eIQ ML software development environment, software deployment overview and the Glow neural network compiler for i.MX RT crossover MCUs.

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 53

Introduction to AUTOSAR & run-time software for Automotive Processors.

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 41

This class will teach you how to spin a BLDC, PMSM or ACIM motor with FreeMASTER and the Motor Control Application Tuning (MCAT) solutions from MCUXpresso software & tools. You do not need prior motor control experience. You will use the FreeMASTER and MCAT GUI tools to do motor tuning and MCUXpresso IDE to develop a stand-alone motor control project.  

DWM Points: 75
Duration: 17

MCUXpresso SDK includes several Enabling Graphics Software Technologies from NXP and strategic partners. In this class, attendees will see all these options, with demonstrations of each running on NXP's industry-leading i.MX RT platform.

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 68