The topic will introduce EMC and EMI basic concepts and focus on hardware and software methods for MagniV family EMC performance optimization. Hardware methods will cover component selection, placement, and layout; Software methods will include PWM strategy and software considerations, etc. All the methods are based on S12ZVM-EFP and motor control applications.

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 66

This workshop is targeting on showing the 5G ORAN arch CU/DU and RU end to end demos together with our Partners. Two threads are driven by L1 software partners (Astri and Arraycomm), sessions will be presented, according to targeted audience or availability. Including partners for ODM hardware platforms, 5G NR L2/L3 software, as well different platforms of RU systems. We will show 5G ORAN infrastructure based on NXP solution connected to commercial UE, and present technical solution details to target customer.

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 63

Join us for an exciting keynote session with NXP's Edge Processing BL and Mass Market leaders.  Ron Martino, SVP & GM Edge Processing Business Line, will share NXP's EP BL Vision and Mission for 2021 and beyond.  Introducing Andrew Hardy,  Sr. Vice President Sales and Applications Engineering and new leader of NXP America's Mass Market organization.  Andrew will provide insight into our joint goals and vision for CY2021.

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 64

NXP is offering specific websites and tools to make DFAE life easier. Learn what is available and how they can help you at your daily work. This will be also the closing session of NXP DFAE Conference 2020.

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 42

In this session the EMEA DCM’s will present the multiple functions that they deliver for you as a Distributor. 

Learn how the combination effect of these activities provide you with the necessary tools, skills and assistance to enable your customers to move from initial idea to design win.

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 41

NXP provide state of the art products that powers with the latest technology its customer applications. Furthermore, products are considered in environment where more than just the bare chipset is set. We aim to deliver solution that can help speeding the design-in process. As a complement to thus proposed solutions, it is also key to create an environment of development, access to technical information as well as to NXP engineers as easy as possible. Easy of designing in with NXP products is the final target.

In this scope, NXP has engaged in multi-year program to bring its service platform to the next level. This includes all NXP digital channels serving its distributor engineers, its partners and its customers. Even if the program has started before the COVID-19 crisis, it came as a helper in this period as the infrastructure and the platform has been already established. Of course, the platform carrying its online channels such as the Website or the Communities, is not enough without the evolution of its content.

In this session, we will give an overview of the program, the steps achieved with focus on our distribution channel. 

DWM Points: 100
Duration: 33

Introduction to the NXP EMEA CAS organization, key areas of focus including an overview of the technical support provided to MM customers and the DFAE community.

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 67