The S32 Design Studio provides a comprehensive enablement environment to help reduce development time. This lecture provides an overview of the extensive capabilities of the S32DS IDEs for Arm and Power Architecture (e200) devices, including the GNU toolchain with GCC Compiler, integrated NXP’s FreeMASTER, Math, and motor control libraries, Processor Expert and Software Development Kits (SDKs).

DWM Points: 75
Duration: 26

The S32G is a high performance, real-time application processor designed primarily for use in centralized vehicle gateways but also applicable to industrial applications. Features include: hw accelerators for low latency data transmission over ENET/CAN/etc; hardware security engine with free firmware; and multiple safety features supporting AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR environments. S32G is enabling the development of Service-oriented Gateways that will allow OEMs to: 

  1. Become data-driven service providers enabling the delivery of new experiences and capabilities to consumers.  
  2. Consolidate the number of in-vehicle ECUs simplifying architectures and reducing wiring harness weight & cost.
  3. Build safe and secure ECUs for use in ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications while enabling the transformation to connected EVs 

DWM Points: 150
Duration: 63